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We are happy to announce that 3 new family physicians will be joining our team in 2020/21. 

The Ministry of health has determined that our clinic is within an area of high physician need.  At this time we are only accepting new patients who are currently residing in a designated high needs area and who do not currently have a family physician (or shortly will not have one due to retirement or relocation). 

You can apply to be placed on our wait list by completing the following steps:

Step 1:

Verify your postal code is high needs by clicking on the link below:

- Scroll to "Areas of High Physician Need Search"

- Type in your postal code (note: do not include a space or it will not be verified correctly)

- The search will yield 2 possible results:

a) This is not an area of high need. If that is the case, we sincerely apologize but at this time we are only accepting new patients who are currently residing in a designated high needs area.

b) A box with your Local Area Health Network (LHIN), Municipality (Census Subdivision) and City/Town/Community will appear indicating that the Ministry of Health deems you to be residing in a high needs area.

Step 2:

if your postal code is deemed high needs as per the ministry of health and you do not (or shortly will not) have a family physician, please complete ALL aspects of the following form (incomplete forms will not be considered). 

New Patient Registration

Thanks for submitting!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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